Wales Road Tour 14th-16th September

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by shuebc, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Hey all

    So some of you guys might have come across my European Driving Tour survey last month - basically I've been wanting to set up a driving tour that doesn't cost the earth. Anyway those you haven't come across it, I was planning on doing a trial run this year in Europe but as I've left it a little late in the year for Europe, I thought best to setup something smaller and much closer to home, that being Wales.

    Anyway if I can get the numbers together, 7 cars max (due to hotel availability) then let me know if you guys be interested in a 3 day tour of Wales (starting 14th Friday, ending 16th Sunday) (2 nights stay at two locations).

    I'll be taking care of the routes, which I'll print out and provide a digital route with GPS co-ord to hit, and also taking care of booking the hotels. If anyone is interested, then take a look at the website I've just set up - there's more details on exactly what the tour entails.

    I've also ensured the routes hit upon interesting views / destinations that can be visited (Castles etc, and one or two activities). Obviously it would be upto each person whether they want to spend any time at those destinations.

    I'm running this tour at cost only (I might make the odd tenner from each car, if that!) - the main reason I want to hold a tour this year is to check out the viability of this long term, as well as discover where I can improve and iron out any niggles in time for a proper European tour next year (I want to ideally get a mixture of different cars).

    Thanks guys
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