Vanos delete, cam degree info S50B30

Discussion in 'Engine maintenance, upgrades and modifications' started by finlay007, Oct 14, 2018 at 7:35 AM.

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    E36 Compact S50
    hi folks

    just looking for thoughts on the best deg on locking the stock cams on an S50B30 Euro

    im going for 110 ATDC on exhaust and 106 BTDC on intake, this should give better low down torque at a sacrifice of high end which suits me better, i will ofcourse try this and adjust as i see fit but was just wondering if folks had any experience with deleting vanos and dialing cams in ?

    im running an SCS delta ecu also

    i know alot of folks would say, why delete Vanos but ive made the decision to go that route as it suits my end goal for the motor

    many thanks in advance fopr any input



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