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    Hi guys, I'm looking to a group of like minded individuals who own trackcars/racecars and need somewhere to store and work on their cars.

    I'm currently looking to move units as the one I'm in the manager is really starting to really take this piss..

    the unit in discussion is this unit located just off the m4 junction in Theale.




    it is 4,300sqft - so quite large, with water and electricity fed into the building but currently it isn't furnished as of yet - so will need an effort of putting up lights plus a sink...

    This is how the floor plan would look something like this, with the intention to kit it out with a ramp, compressor etc etc, making it into a proper workshop.


    I got a few names down at the moment who are a couple of my close friends, but looking for a couple more.

    The unit is quite large and down south so quite expensive to rent, it will roughly work out at about £290 with a £290 refundable deposit - this would be per bay (5x8.7metres) Which is twice the size of space that I'm currently in for not much more money...

    So yeah any more information required just comment below or message me :)

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