Snetterton 10th November

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    2008 bmw m3
    Great day at Snetterton with Javelin on Sunday.

    Started off with a Caterham deciding it did not like its coolant so dumped it on
    the track and caused a early stoppage and red flags . Took a bit of time to clean up due
    to the cold weather and the track was damp /wet on a few corners .

    Ventured out and started to push the car more , it looked like I could take Hamilton faster
    but I did not realise that this was the corner with the slippery coolant on and ended up in a
    tank slapped which I was unable to save and ended up on the grass facing the wrong way !

    All good fun , (if anyone has it on video let me know) ! Certainly a wake up call !

    Came back in to check the car over , no probs apart from some grass on my nice new wheels .
    Went back out and kept a wider line through Hamilton from then on until the track was completely

    The car is much faster now I have my new Nitron R3 coil overs fitted (thanks to Spires) ,
    if it was easier I would post some pics .!

    Lots of cars on track , quite a few BMW’s and a few older Fords including a Sierra Cosworth
    touring car and a cosworth powered Capri that decided to spray coolant all over my windscreen
    just as I was overtaking it resulting in me not being able to see a thing - used my wipers and
    it just made it worse , so had too slow down and go back to the pits @nd he overtook me again !

    Did not know they had James Bond Gadgets fitted !

    Alll in all a good day so thanks Javelin !

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