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Jun 29, 2014
Jun 29, 2014
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After some particularly poor customer service from my local BMW dealership, I went searching on here for recommendations for an alternative in Surrey where I can get my F80 serviced and maintain the warranty. A number of names repeatedly cropped up with BMR being the one that stood out for me.

A few message exchanges with Barry later, and I had my car booked in for the full service along with fitting some Motech springs and a Hunter alignment… for less than the main dealer service.

A nice early start to miss most of the traffic got me there for 8am and I spent my morning upstairs using the WiFi and consuming hot chocolate. I found out that not only can I tell the sound of my car but could also feel it through the chair as it drove into the workshop!

Chatted to another guy in the waiting room while I was there and he was singing BMRs praises too, for the same reason as others have said in the past - will let you know what’s needed now, but will also tel you what will need done later but doesn’t need touched now, so you are aware. I even overheard another customer conversation which was exactly that - proving the point they won’t take your money for the sake of it.

Some cool BMWs there, and that alone makes it more interesting than a visit to the main dealers.

Will be back to BMR for anything non-warranty related for sure and would absolutely recommend them to others

Thanks for the great service

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