Rogue Shortshifter E46 M3

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    BMW E46 M3 Coupe / Convertible
    BRAND NEW Short Shift Kit

    Offer Price £360.00 plus £15.00 delivery
    (normal retail approx. £415.00)

    We are also including

    1 pair of Rogue Engineering
    Uprated Transmission Mounts (street compound)

    Normal Retail £67.00

    Features that set the Rogue Shifter apart from others include:

    CNC Construction
    CNC machined 303 stainless steel upper, adding approximately 100 grams more to the top of the shifter lever, thus improving shifter feel.
    Shifter lever lower portion is also CNC machined from 303 stainless steel.

    Pivot Ball and Pivot Bushing
    These are made from Ertalyte TX thermoplastic material. This superior material maintains the vibration dampening qualities and built-in lubricity of the factory pivot, but also adds superior heat and wear resistance. Its coefficient of friction is 420% better than a stainless steel pivot ball. Despite its hardwearing properties, we have made this pivot ball replaceable for possible future maintenance.
    Rogue Shortshifter Levers also use superior bonding materials for the composite pivot ball and bushes (bonded in a similar manner to original BMW fitment) to achieve a shorter, more positive shift throw without sacrificing the vibration dampening that was built in by BMW.

    Weighted Selector Rod (WSR)
    Simply shortening the shift lever or moving the pivot point will not produce the optimal shift feel. The smooth action that sets Rogue kits apart comes from the unique weighted selector rod. This replaces the factory selector rod with a higher quality version that has significantly greater mass. This counteracts the additional leverage effort normally required with shorter levers so as to pretty much match the factory "lightness of shift", thus doing away with the requirement for a heavier shift knob as often used by inferior shift kits in an attempt to lessen the shift effort.

    Included with the Rogue Shortshifter are:
    Short shift lever.
    Weighted selector rod (not all models).
    Shifter carrier with pivot relocation adapter (not all models).
    Delrin carrier bushings (not all models).
    Shifter removal tool.
    Factory replacement washers, clips and grease.
    Factory replacement carrier pin (not all models).
    Fully detailed installation instructions.






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