Rod Bearings/Alternator/02 Sensor Error

Discussion in 'BMR Performance' started by Vsk, Mar 3, 2021.

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    Hope everyone is well and safe.

    Just wanted to share my thoughts and experience of the works carried out, as per the title by Barry, Ross and the Team at BMR.

    Over the last few months I have had some work carried out. Rod Bearings being one of the main Jobs that needed to be done as a preventive and peace of mind measure.

    Once again the Team at BMR have done a fantastic job. Always professional, Polite and extremely knowledgeable in their field.

    Traveled 160 miles over two days, as car was left with them. Not local, however knowledge and confidence is sometimes hard to find....

    I know if I need support or advise BMR will always be glad to help...

    Thanks Barry, Ross and the Team.
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