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Discussion in 'BMR Performance' started by M3 Matt, Apr 30, 2021.

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    I took my E36 M3 Evo down to BMR today to investigate a few niggling issues and also get the car up in the air to see what the underside looks like and make a list of jobs to do based on priority.

    On arrival, I felt like I arrived at an M Power meet. There were M cars and high-end Alpinas everywhere! You name it, E9x, E46s, E39s, E30 you would find at least one or more there.

    Ross looked after me and couldn't be more patient. We had a good natter about E36 M3s and he shared some good advice which I have noted.

    My car needs a few things looking at and I am looking forward to booking it in. BMR were very fourth coming with availability and set my expectation of when work would likely commence.

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