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    Just wanted to drop a quick review of the experience I've had with Redish.

    Initially, I'd read about them via the various RACP repair posts and by rummaging through their YouTube feed to see some of the truly knackered RACPs they've done in the past. I wanted to have the process done but wanted a reputable place doing it, given the level of work involved, so looked about and it became clear these were the folks to go to.

    I knew I was due an Inspection II service anyway so I booked my slot for RACP about 9 months in advance and then popped the car down for an Inspection II service (and compression test, because I was curious) to see what kind of operation they ran.

    James, Katie and Luke were all very helpful and knowledgeable and more recently the other James too, who has been handling things now that Katie is on maternity leave. The workshop is very clean and everything is cared for properly. You won't find a load of old ratty spanners lying around on greasy floors, mixed up with all your precious, expensive BMW nuts, bolts and components.

    The Inspection II service came with a nicely documented invoice, a full print out of valve clearances both before and after adjustment and an advisory/recommendation list. All of this was accompanied by photographic evidence that the valve clearances were actually done with my numberplate in view and a video outlining any findings under the car. An examination of the rear subframe area was done and no obvious lairy cracks were found. That was at least reassuring given that I had a few months before the RACP work was booked in. Compression test revealed a very healthy engine too.

    Next up was the RACP work itself. I dropped the car down on 30th December and I asked to have all of the advisory work, that I hadn't already had done as part of the Inspection II service, completed as part of this process. This included various bits that I just wanted to refresh while the entire rear end was in pieces, including (all genuine BMW parts):

    • Front wishbones
    • Front drop-links
    • Auxiliary drive belt
    • Aircon drive belt
    • Power steering high pressure hoses
    • Timing chain tensioner crush washer
    • Constant pressure valve
    • All 4 rear subframe bushes
    • Rear trailing arm bushes
    • Rear drop-links
    • Exhaust heat shield mounts welded and bolts
    • Silencer / rear section exhaust sleeved and crap after-market clamps scrapped
    • Catalytic converter bolts replaced
    • Rear solid and flexible (HEL) brake lines
    • Brake fluid service
    • Rear view glass (MirrorJohn)

    I wasn't bothered about having it rushed through quickly so said I didn't mind how long they had it but it was all complete in exactly 2 weeks, as per the quote. Within budget too.

    I got a LOAD of photos and videos at various points during the process and any additional work I was offered options and asked whether to proceed at each stage so I wasn't landed with unexpected expense.

    I went to pick up the car on a Saturday morning and Luke even treated me to lunch, which was a nice bonus.

    All in all, I have to say the attention to detail was way above anything you'd get at a 'normal' garage and customer service was superb.

    Highly recommended and I won't be taking the car anywhere else for its maintenance.


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