P&S Dynamic Dressing (READY TO USE)

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    P&S Dynamic Dressing (READY TO USE)

    P&S Dynamic Dressing (READY TO USE)

    • Dynamic RTU Version
    • Fun Size Package
    • Available Only In Pints
    • Tire Dressing
    • Interior Dressing/li>
    • 1 pint 16oz

    Available here - https://www.prestigecarcareshop.com...ve/products/p-s-dynamic-dressing-ready-to-use

    Dynamic Dressing has engaged many customers over the years since its introduction over 5 years ago but it has always been difficult for enthusiast and some professionals to take the product for a test drive since we have only offered it for sale in a gallon concentrated format.

    The team at P&S decided it is time to introduce Dynamic Dressing in a ready to use version. The Dynamic Dressing Ready To Use Version is a 4 to 1 diluted version of the parent product Dynamic Dressing Concentrate. This version of Dynamic Dressing will only be offered in pints. Our objective is to engage more customers with this convenient RTU pint of Dynamic Dressing.

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