New (old) member from Lincolnshire requires help please!

Discussion in 'Welcome & New Owners Section' started by scribbler, Jun 29, 2020 at 7:07 PM.

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    Good afternoon folks!

    I signed up here many moons ago when I was looking at buying an e36 3.0 M3, regrettably I never ended up taking the plunge. FWD 6 years and M3 prices have x6 so pretty much priced myself out of the venture!:chair:

    However I've always had a soft spot for the little brother, the mighty second class 328i!

    I took the plunge in January this year and it's been emotional. I shall divulge at a later date.

    Let's just say the only miles it's covered were the drive home, lol.

    I'm from North Lincolnshire (near Gainsborough) and was wondering if any helpful souls on here and near me with diagnostic equipment would be able to come and plug the old girl in?

    I have the ABS/TCS light on which needs investigation.

    The Airbag light is also on but I have replaced the old stock worn wheel with an OMP jobbie and haven't done anything with the wiring yet so that is self explanitory.

    Ive had a clean up of the wheel speed sensors and cannot see anything amiss so would be grand if I could reset the warning lights and see if they re appear!

    Will be sticking around on here for the foreseeable future and picking clued up brains as i dive into this little resto!

    Thanks guys,


    Looked half decent, lured me in


    Now looks like this, Flattering photo I may add:lolwsign:


    Just One sill...

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    GolfDuck Staff Member Moderator

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    Carless & witless
    Welcome to the forum.

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