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    Hi guys,

    First, be kind with me, I'm French and my english is NOT perfect.

    I've been working on creating a new BDM tool since March. I wanted to test it myself first, then have someone else to get it working fine (done). Here we are !

    I've started this project from scratch. It's based on a STM32 Nucleo board and works with a windows app.


    I have writen a complete git repo around this. It includes CSL binaries, hardware modifications (widely available on forums), etc...
    Once more, you can find some bad english translations and syntax problem on my repo. Notify me I'll correct my misstakes ;)
    Repo is still under work, there're updates every week and more things are coming.


    I'll add some pre-prepared binaries like :
    - Stock M3 camshafts + No speed limit
    - Stock M3 camshafts + No speed limit + cruise control enabled
    - Stock M3 camshafts + No speed limit + cruise control enabled + etc

    Basically, you only need to enter your VIN in binary then flash. You can do it manually via hex editor, but I'll make a little windows app to write VIN in binary.

    All binaries have cleared EWS, so you just need to sync EWS in INPA. (really quick and easy, will do a little guide on git if needed)

    For people who don't even know what a BDM is, it allows you to flash a complete binary in a DME. By complete binary, I mean bootloader + application. You can unbrick any DME with this. The main know usage of this tool is to flash a complete CSL binary in a converted MSS54 or MSS54HP DME which gives you a 32500 unit (not a 32300 with CSL Software).

    The aim of this project is :
    1. to earn some money myself to refund the DME I fried during the development of this tool, and buy a Carbon airbox to finish my car.
    2. to make this kind of modification easy enough so everybody can do it. (kind of, still need some soldering...)
    3. I hope that, with more and more people installing a carbon airbox onto their S54, prices will drop a bit ....

    A great thing would be that people who bought this BDM and get to use it frequently can help other people and create a sort of community. (I created a discord server for this purpose, I hope it can become something cool) I know there's a huge business around this, some people sell 300 euros just for a CSL binary flash, but it would be awesome to drop prices down.

    I currently sale my BDM Tool 120€ (~£110) + shipping. There's no licence whatsoever. If you want to buy it as a group of 5 friends, no problem. As said before, the aim of this is to make CSL conversion more affordable. I'll provide support at the begging, but as the tool sells itself, there will be more and more people to help community.

    This thread is not a sale thread, it's here to inform you and answer all your questions.

    Thank you guys !
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