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Discussion in 'Secure My Car' started by monkeyboy, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Hi I’m interested in getting some prices/recommendations on what you’d think was best for my E46 M3 convertible, do you do basic immobilisers ? If so can I have a quote please? Also could maybe looking to fit a better quality alarm system on the car, would it be able to be put in place of the std BMW or would I have to have the 2 alarms active on the car? Reason I ask is a mate has a M3 convertible with a Clifford alarm and if you press the centre fob button instead of the Clifford with the roof down it’s starts to go up then the immobiliser kicks in and you come out to car with the roof half up/down and the arl on ....needless to say I do t want that

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