Messing metallic e36 - is it yours?

Discussion in 'E36 M3 (1991-1999) and E30 M3 (1986-1990)' started by Waq, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Jan 15, 2016
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    2002/52 E46 M3
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    Oxford Green with Cinnamon Leather
    Around maybe 8/10 months ago, maybe more a messing metallic / brown e36 sold on ebay for around 1500/2000£ mark.

    It had over 140k miles but had a respray in this colour

    Does anyone own this car or know about it?

    I think the location was Birmingham

    I have a messing metallic e46 m3 and possibly wanna pair it up with that car.

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