Macan S and Turbo

Discussion in 'Other Marques' started by Kev78, Jul 8, 2018.

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    I’ve not really looked at these as I assumed the would be out of my price range (turbo is slightly), but they’re a lot cheaper than I thought.

    I wouldn’t really want the diesel it’s got the same power as my Volvo D5 Polestar and I will be buying used not leasing new.

    Has anyone had a macan s? They’re mid 30’s now and seem to do everything well.

    Turbo is a lot of car for mid 40”s but that is a bit of a push tbh.
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    I had a Macan Turbo, speed yellow paint to sample with gloss black exterior bits and pieces made it look like an angry bumble bee.

    The Macan is a great all round car, quick enough, beautifully built and remarkable handling for a car of this type. A Turbo was remarkably close in lap
    time to an M2 in a head to head test Evo magazine did.

    New one is coming out end of this year so might be worth waiting a bit as used values will fall a little more perhaps.

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