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Discussion in '1M and M2' started by Poocatl, Jul 13, 2018.

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    E92 M3 3 door - sold 2015 E46 M3 track car - Sold 2013 now E46 M3 phoenix yellow 2015

    i have ordered an M2 competition in orange, manual with most options, car is coming in at £55k including all those hidden BMW extra costs. (full spec can be provided if your interested)

    Its due for delivery 1st of September with the New REG number from BMW Harold Wood essex.

    After driving a mates GTR i have decided i need that power in my life so will be canceling my order, only issue is my deposit is not refundable.

    I thought id offer the slot to some one here first, my deposit was a £1000 all im asking is for my £1000 back. That £1000 has already been paid and comes off the £55k total so only £54k will be due, if a spec change is wanted then this can be done as late as August i believe so my chosen spec is not yet set in stone.

    I have no idea if people are struggling get these or its easy to get a September build slot. If no one is interested not a problem ill just have to suck it up and loose the £1000.

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    F87 M2 LBB
    Sounds like your dealer is a definite stealer!
    Not heard of a deposit not being refundable.
    Dealer will be able to sell that car 10X's over, especially given its a build slot with the spec still able to be tailored.
    Find it hard to believe dealer doesn't have an M2C waiting list and can just ring the next person on the list and give them the good news they have a slot for an early delivery - they will take another deposit and return yours.
    For the life of me I can't see how they can sleep at night knowing they've made £1K out of you for doing nothing.
    Sharp practice and don't like the sound of this dealer.
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    DeadEye Achieved official socks

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    M2 LCI in LBB
    I've had this issue before. They cannot legally keep your deposit.

    However I appreciate you're offering someone on here an early slot if they want it. :thumbsup:

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