[F80 / F82] Light clunking noise from the front drivers side

Discussion in 'Faults, Fixes and Solutions' started by gary w31, Jul 20, 2018.

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    I recently fitted a set of ACS springs to the car. I did this myself so i'm confident every is properly fitted and tightened. The car has done around 1k since they were fitted with no issues at all. Now i'm convinced there's a light knocking noise from the front drivers side when i go over bumps. It doesn't do it all the time. Just over slightly larger bumps. Car feels fine and handles great. I'm going to get it back up on the car lift and have a look over it again but has anyone came across this before? I read a post on bimmerpost and a few people in the states have mentioned this after lowering the car. One guy claims its the steering rack because the geometry of the track rods are different
    And on a side note, i recently scuffed a rear wheel. Its not too bad but bad enough to annoy me. Do wheel smart repairs work and is it worth getting a dealer to do it to get a perfect match?

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