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    Auto Attune X Team Schirmer E92 M3 & E36 M3
    Hello Cutters

    I’m excited that my company Auto Attune is joining the site sponsors and can’t wait to share what we can help with ... but first let me introduce myself.

    I’ve been an active member for nearly 10 years and have found the forum to be a great source of knowledge for all things M3. I’ve particularly liked the build threads with one of my favourite being Furls E36 M3 Track Car. Over the years I’ve owned lots of fast BMW’s including a Team Schirmer CSL and currently have an Auto Attune X Team Schirmer E92 M3 demonstrator and E36 M3 project build.

    I started Auto Attune after finding it hard to source the best performance parts for my upgrades and know this is something that many of you have also found. Now we are well established it feels like the right time to repay the knowledge I’ve learned, and help make your upgrades as straightforward as you need them to be.

    I’ve been part of some very special projects over the years and I am delighted to share with you the following brands we work with…

    Team Schirmer – yes, you read correctly. We are the exclusive UK & Ireland dealer, partner and importer for Team Schirmer. For the first time in 30 years, Team Schirmer are opening up their parts catalogue for the world to buy. So if you are looking for anything from stud kits to kinematics to full builds then drop me a message and I’ll be able to help.

    Alongside Team Schirmer we are official dealers for the following great brands:

    BBS Motorsport
    CAE Shifters
    CSF Radiators
    Deadweight Industries
    KW Automotive
    Manthey Racing
    Millway Motorsport
    Pinnacle Motorsport
    ST Suspension
    Wiechers Cages

    Auto Attune is focused on finding the right parts and upgrades for each individual so we’re always happy to have 121 conversations or group discussions about options.

    As well as our own knowledge and experience, we’ve built great relationships with our brands so can draw on their expertise too.

    So that’s us. Buzzing to be here! Get in touch
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    Mr Reeves

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    Hi Scott!

    Firstly, congrats on being a site sponsor and for becoming the official UK supplier for Schirmer. A UK supplier for Schirmer I thought would be something that would never happen.

    Just to clarify, you are a supplier only, correct? If we wanted, for example some work to be carried out by Team Schirmer, is this something you could broker?

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