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    I used a chap to get my X4 serviced today and wanted to pop a recommendation on here.

    He's a BM technician who's recently gone out on his own. I used him to do my running in service on my M4 back in March 2020. I know how difficult it is running your own business so I thought I'd give him a mention in case anyone on here needs their car done and is in Essex.

    He came round in his service van at bang on the agreed time and did the work on my drive. Zero effort from me and the iDrive is updated on BMW's system too.

    And he's a really decent, honest guy too. Win.

    BTW I have no affiliation with Matt at all, I only know him through having my car serviced.
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    Rob E92 M3

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    My mate had his M4 serviced by him last week. Said he would highly recommend him too.

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