[E90 / E92 / E93] How to code a new module?

Discussion in 'BMW Diagnostic, programming and software discussion' started by Blingsta, Jun 30, 2018.

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    so if a car needs a new module, its no longer as easy as unplug the old and plug in the new !!! :(

    i believe my car might need a new CTM module as my boots soft close has stopped working. getting the part is easy but how would i have it coded to my car? can the Carly app do this?
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    Maybe you've got this sorted by now but should be possible with e-sys.
    I recently installed a donor EMF module on an F10. Handbrake functioned perfectly but fault on dash & iDrive simply due to non-matching VIN I suppose.
    All sorted after a software update on the module via e-sys (using E-NET cable)

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