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Discussion in 'Engine maintenance, upgrades and modifications' started by Coops, Sep 14, 2017.

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    Ok, so if I post something on the for sale I believe I have to give a price that I'm after and that's where I'd like some knowledgeable input on how much I should ask for my good condition Section 2 and Backbox (large canister) Milltek SS exhaust (see the M3 definitive exhaust guide). It looks like it will polish up nice and it does look good on the car. Little too noisy for my (and neighbours liking) - note its non-resonated as far as I can tell.

    I know this is around £2k new and I'm not expecting anything like that but what's the right figure to aim at? I'd prefer to pass on to someone off here, the exhaust is currently still joined up so it can pretty much just bolt on (once you have the new gasgets / bolts / copper nuts. I don't have the rubbers but it bolts on to the standard mounts.


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