First time bringing my own m3 on a track

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by alvises, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm really keen to bring, for the first time, my M3 F80 CP (normal brakes, road tyres) on a track (Silverstone).

    I did a BMW sport driving course of two days, it was quite good but, I'm still pretty novice and this time I will be just by my self, without a pilot beside. I've almost never driven the car without traction control just say... but if I want to start feeling the car the track is the only way isn't it ?

    Can you please give me some advices and things to be aware of since is my track day with my own car?

    btw I'm thinking to get an insurance for the day from Quite expensive but it's worth especially the first times, no?


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