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    Retrofitted the new 2018 Union Jack lights yesterday on my wife's 2017 and it was one of the easier jobs i've done. (30 mins tops inc coding)

    You need to code the car (best before you fit the light units).

    You need to code,
    1: Rear Brake to LED, non-active, warm and cold monitoring
    2: Rear Indicator lights to LED, non-active, warm and cold monitoring
    3: Rear adaptive brake lights to LED, non-active, warm and cold monitoring

    1 and 2 fix the dash light errors and 3 stops the lights flickering when turn on.

    I've also coded that the rear side lights come on with the DRL fronts, as well as coded the door handle lights to come on when in reverse, so the illuminate the curb when reversing.

    Fitting tips: get some plastic pry bars, they really help; screw the top screw first, then the bottom two.

    Anyway, some pics (crappy phone pics)





    Personally with the blazing red, i think they look great.
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    Bob Booker

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    Great write up. I'm looking at doing this to the wife's 2017 mini.
    Are there any coders out there near MK that could do this?


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