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Discussion in 'CA Technologies International Ltd' started by David @ CA, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Hi guys

    In the past we have been able to offer Group Buys with regard to Eisenmann Exhausts. All these are now closed.

    During 2015 we did offer a few Eisenmann Group Buys and had several false starts with not enough people committing to buy. Combined with the price reductions (see below), this means that to offer further Group Buys for Eisenmann Exhausts will be difficult. :(

    As of the end of 2015, prices were reduced by Eisenmann and we further reduced the website prices by 10%. Meaning that prices have been reduced by some 20%. :)

    That said, for M3Cutters members, we are still happy to offer some extra discount - please call us for prices and we can have a chat to see what we can do. :thumbsup:


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