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Discussion in 'Rybrook Warwick Main BMW retailer' started by e30h26, Jun 30, 2020.

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    Jun 29, 2017
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    2008 E90 335i
    Hi Anthony,

    How's life? I hope you're keeping sane with all that's going on.

    Can I have a per item price, including the extra 5% off, for each of the following:

    3 x Exhaust Clamp 18307560779

    1 x Vacuum pipe 13717558227

    1 x Vacuum pipe 11657565963

    1 x Vacuum hose black 11727545323

    1 x Vacuum hose black 11657803732

    2 x T-Connector 11721439973

    1 x Pulse Generator, DSC rear 34526870077

    Also, is the free postage provided to Ireland?


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    Jul 10, 2017
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    F30 340i M Sport
    Hi Eoin,

    Price for those:

    M18.30.7.560.779 X3 - £87.86
    B13.71.7.558.227 - £24.96
    B11.65.7.565.963 - £25.91
    B11.72.7.545.323 - £14.75
    B11.65.7.803.732 - £16.38
    B11.72.1.439.973 X2 - £3.58
    B34.52.6.870.077 - £94.84

    Total: £268.27 inc vat and free postage.

    This price is valid for 7 days from today.

    Payment Options:

    For orders under £500.00 and if the delivery address is the same as the registered card address.

    Call 01926 333 888 with your card details and use customer reference 17115 or via Paypal (Details Below)

    If you would like the delivery to a different address then we can take Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer

    For orders over £500.00 we will only accept either a bank transfer or payment by Paypal.

    Paypal – [email protected]
    Please send payment as a gift to friends and family with your customer reference and your delivery address in the notes section.

    Bank Transfer – Sort Code 20-07-71 Account Number 00011711 with your customer reference in the notes section but please call or email us with your delivery address.


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