E90 or any e90 non M B12 kit vs H&R Cup kit

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    Been thinking of changing suspension soon but wanted to do a bit of research first as I don't want anything too slammed or stiff for our roads. Options so far are:

    Bilstein B8 dampers with OEM Springs or AC Schnitzer springs

    B12 kit which is the B8 dampers and Eibach springs

    Or the H&R touring Cup kit which is H&R springs and their specific dampers as one kit. (H&R have a sport kit but this is way too low for me)

    Does anyone have experience with any of the above on e9x platform? What is the ride like on crappy UK roads?
    Is there any bottoming out?
    Is the ride too bouncy at all or too stiff for our roads?

    Also, I've read and seen vids that some trim the bump stop on the B8 damper (mostly in the States), this involves opening the front B8 damper from the bottom (as its an upside down monotube) and cutting the bump stop almost in half. Has anyone done this or felt the need to do this due to less damper travel?

    I have only had the B12 kit once and that was on a E34. It was brilliant on that and I never felt the need to trim any bump stops or anything.

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