E46 plug and play LED high beam upgrade....

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    So for a few months after many people asking me about do we do a LED High beam replacement units we are hopefully getting close to a plug and play solution

    You can buy led ‘H7’ upgrades already but due to the fitment issues (having to use a separate locator ring) you have to modify that and then do other bits to make it work- you then have the issues of Canbus errors and heat etc etc

    We have been working with one of our suppliers to have a plug and play solution that has the locator ring built it- it will also utilise the standard loom plug and be error free- the main thing that most people don’t think about aswell is beam pattern so this is something we have also worked on

    We will have a working set of units going into our demonstrator in a few days

    So stay tuned for impending updates

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