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Discussion in 'M3Carbon1' started by KMcdermott, Jun 19, 2020.

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    Hi guys,
    Just a little shoutout to Mike @M3CARBON1

    Had the car mapped off mike pretty much since i bought it have since had decats and a Sebring rear box fitted and wanted to make sure it wasnt doing anything it wasnt supposed to so decided to get it booked in at EFI Parts in Runcorn - Why these over anyone else.. 2 reasons

    - not a friendly Happy numbers dyno
    - chris has mapped all previous cars and is very knowledgeable and would tell me if he noticed anything of concern..

    Im really happy with the results, fairly surprised with the results as most m3 will only pull upto 330 on his dyno so even he was surprised with it..

    anyhow enough rambling - pics and vids.





    As you can see on the graphs the car ran 352bhp & 282ftlbs - unfortunately for me i didnt get this dyno’d before mapping etc to compare but its certainly no slouch now.. Chris commented it comes onto vanos strong and doesnt want to stop pulling right upto 8k and 162mph in 5th.

    If your considering a remap off Mike, go for it, from the ease of the whole process remapped on my drive remotely and then roadtesting and tweaking to the aftersales support I cannot fault him, ive no doubt annoyed him with some stupid questions etc but im new to the whole M3 thing and hes had patience with me lol.

    any questions you want to ask me feel free.
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    2002 E46 M3
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    Carbon - Red nappa
    Good write up mate, glad you are happy. :)

    Just as a side note, a good engine makes no more than 330 BHP in factory form

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