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Discussion in 'Cars for sale' started by suraj, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Not an M3 :(
    If you find yourself unable to post in the For Sale / Wanted section, this is why (previously in the FAQ):

    In an attempt to protect members from being ripped off, a minimum "user level" e.g. level of interaction by members is required before you can post in this forum. This no longer applies to the "Wanted" forum.

    Do not send any private messages to admins or moderators asking for ads to be posted on behalf of yourself or someone else and most importantly - do not post your advert (or any attempt at one) anywhere else on the forum. Do not send private messages or emails asking why you can't post in this section unless you know you should be able to - these messages/emails will be ignored. Lastly, do not send private messages/emails asking what the minimum user level is - it is number-of-posts based and isn't difficult to reach.

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