Broken Antenna Connector

Discussion in 'Carphonics' started by AdamBMW, Apr 7, 2019.

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    Hi all, looking for some advice if possible.

    Decided to swap my aftermarket head unit back to the original BMW Business CD unit.

    Unfortunately I managed to pull the radio antenna connector off the antenna wire whilst doing the change over. You can see the part I accidentally removed in the pic.


    I cant just push the wires back into the connector as it doesn’t pick up reception when I do. I can put the antenna wire directly into the hole on the back of the head unit but it doesn’t stay there- just pops out as I push the headunit back in to position.

    Can this part be repaired easily?! Is there an easy fix? I thought it would be a 5 min job and now I’ve completely lost radio which is annoying!

    Any advice appreciated. Adam
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