BMW's Security Fix....

Discussion in 'E90 Saloon / E92 Coupe / E93 Convertible M3 (2008-2013)' started by M3Jeff, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I have a copy of the official BMW vehicle fix. but can't find away to upload to here!

    anyway it states :

    Subject : Optimization of the CAS software at the customers request.

    Release Date : 06/11/12

    Measure No. 52288206-02

    Production Period: 01/03/07 to 31/08/11

    Complaint : The customer is requesting that the vehicle security is updated.

    Note: In the course of simplifying the software, the "Comfort opening using the key in the door lock" function, which is rarely used by the customer, has been removed. The "Comfort opening using the remote control is the ignition key" remains in place.

    Cause : Software in the Car Access System control unit (CAS)

    Measure : In the event of complaint program the vehicle as follows using ISTA/P 2.48.1 or a more recent version.

    - Connect the battery charger to the vehicle
    - Connect the programming system to the vehicle
    - Select - "Vehicle" tab
    - Select the "Conversions" tab
    - Select "Modification, deactivate mechanical convenience opening via the drivers door lock"
    - At "Conformation prompt" select OK

    Note : The vehicle order element "OKOS" has been added to the measures plan and the CAS for programming/coding has been ordered. All other actions that are suggested by the system have been removed.
    Do not take any further actions.

    Well there you go does not look like this FIX attempts in anyway to disable the OBD port.... just makes it harder for them to get it ....

    Looks like you need to move the port or install other means to protect of pride and joy as relying on this measure to protect you car is a joke!


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    Tbh, I can't see how disabling the obd port is a feasible option for BMW. It's an important part of the car.

    The cas firmware has been updated which should stop the thieves cloning another key.

    It's always wise to use extra security as well though.

    No doubt the game of catch up has already started, so only time will tell whether they crack the new cas.

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