BMW M2 Harmon Kardon (NO SOUND) - FIX

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    We've seen quite a few on these M2's coming in with reports of the sound from the stereos failing

    The issues lye with the HK Amp failing...

    While these vehicles are under warranty, many have been replaced by the dealers at a very high rate.

    After investigation for those that aren't

    What we have found is, where the Amplifier sits - In the rear NS Quarter ... This area suffers from water ingress.
    Although the Amp is sat in a cradle away from the well, water is still saturating the bottom of the amplifier which creates dry joints.

    At the beginning stages, this is recoverable... where we strip the amps down to sanitise the boards. 99% of the time this does clear the issue... resulting in full sound recovery.

    A preventative measure - We drill small holes in the cradle to allow the water to drain back into the well




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