BLACK FRIDAY E46 RANGE SUPERB OFFERS (limited number though!)

Discussion in 'Perfekt Lighting' started by M3POWERBOY, Nov 24, 2017.

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    E46 M3 SMG Coupe
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    Silver Grey/Black Nappa/Alcantara Custom Recaro CS/CSL
    Thought I'd post on here so you can all get to see the offer

    I always like to give something back to a superb community that I've been a part off for a fair few years now

    So I'm offering some limited deals until Sat Midnight

    ****10 of each only at the deal prices!!!!!!****

    BMW E46....

    Interior Kit Coupe £36.50 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £31.00
    Interior kit Convertable £31.50 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £28.00
    Interior Hardtop Kit £13.00 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £10.00
    Sidelights 6000k £13.00 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £11.50
    Numberplate 6000k £13.50--- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £12.00
    Front foglights 6000k £39.50 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £36.00
    Front Indicators CREE £39.50 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £37.50
    Side Indicators £17.50 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £16.00
    Reverse CREE £22.50 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £18.50
    D2S Xenon 6000k £46.50 --- BLACK FRIDAY PRICE £44.50

    All plus postage

    The prices will go back to RRP prices this Saturday at midnight

    Reverse kit....


    D2S/Sidelights and front Foglights....


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