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Discussion in 'M3Carbon1' started by Deegan, Jan 30, 2019.

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    2004 e46 M3 convertible
    As per title I have had my e46 smg for 3 days and after reading such good reviews about mikes customer service and quality of his services I got in contact regarding remapping my m3 and the smg gearbox.

    Mike was very informative and answered all of my questions, his prices were very reasonable so I went ahead.
    This was done remotely from my own home without having to travel.
    Didn't take long and once done the car feels so much smoother

    The csl rev matching gearbox map is like night and day difference both on up changes which are now quicker and smoother. The downchanges also really improved particularly at lower speeds in traffic. Full auto mode is like a dream compared to before it was done.

    The engine map hasn't been fully tested yet due to weather however the car sounds different on idle, beefier, red line has changed on the clocks and the throttle seems noticeably more responsive.
    Overall I couldn't have asked for better from him and will certainly use his service again and highly recommend him to fellow members.

    Thanks mike
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    Global Remapping Offered Remotely
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    2002 E46 M3
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    Carbon - Red nappa
    No problem mate, a pleasure. I am glad you are happy.

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