Adam's New Liquid Paint Sealant

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    Adam's New Liquid Paint Sealant 8oz


    Adam's New Liquid Paint Sealant 8oz

    Easier application, longer lasting, better protection from the elements. Smells like coconut! Protect your paint for months in just a matter of minutes. Easy application and built to last through the toughest elements.

    • Our Most Durable Polymer Protection Ever
    • Apply By Machine or By Hand Easily
    • Incredibly Reflective Shine and Lasting Protection
    • Sets Up Fast And Applies Easily
    • Made in the USA

    Available here

    APPLY BY MACHINE OR BY HAND - still color coordinated to the Adam's Grey Sealant and Waxing Pads, Adam's Paint Sealant goes on quickly and easily using your Flex, Cyclo, Porter Cable, Swirl Killer or any similar detailing machine. For those not working with a machine the new formula goes on just as easily by hand, using one of our soft foam or microfiber applicator pads. The formula spreads evenly and easily, sets up quickly, and the residues remove easier than ever.

    The acrylic polymer formulation provides some of our most durable protection to date, withstanding the harshest seasons and harshest detergents better than any product we've offered before. The benefits don't stop with the longevity alone... independent testing had customers raving about the gloss and rich, rock hard, shine left behind by Adam's Liquid Paint Sealant.

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