Adam's Interior Goo

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    Adam's Interior Goo


    Adam's Interior Goo

    A sticky gel-like substance meant to remove dust without scratching your interior surfaces.

    • Sticky Gel Pulls Dirt Out of Tight Interior Spots
    • Does Not Stick to You or Vehicle Surfaces
    • Safe on Plastic, Vinyl, and Leather Surfaces
    • Made in China

    Available here -

    Adam’s Interior Goo is a malleable gel cleaning material made to remove dirt and dust from hard-to-reach interior surfaces. Interior Goo will shape and form to a surface, fitting down into cracks and crevices where a microfiber towel, fingers, or detailing swabs may not reach, to then pull dirt off the surface and into the sticky goo material. No worries though, Adam’s Interior Goo will not stick to your interior panels.

    Use Interior Goo to remove crumbs, dirt, and dust from your cup holders, window and door lock switches, shifter boot, and other areas. It works great around air vents to remove dust, radio and HVAC buttons and dials, and door sill plates where dirt may get down into tight cracks. Once the surface of the Interior Goo is dirty, simply shape and fold it to a new clean surface and keep on working!


    WARNING: Interior Goo may stain hands red from dye. Please use gloves with this product.

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