550Ci V8 4.4

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    2001 BMW M3 TOPAZ & KIWI /BMW 550i V8 4.4 Twin Turbo F10 2010
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    Topazz Blue / Kiwi interior / Mettalic Black Black & White interior
    For anybody who may have such an engine in their 5 series,
    and find that it smokes out of the exhaust.Quite badly if left on
    tick over for a while.

    There is,on each bank,front end under cover.a Diaphragm.
    These Diaphragms do not last very long,and with the smoke
    coming from back of car,you think it will cost £££££'s.Infact
    in England it does for the parts,the job is a DIY.

    I have now found instead of the £30-£142 each that you
    can buy in China/Hong Kong for under a fiver each.These though
    cheap will last longer because the spring under diaphragm is not
    as strong,So by having weak spring it is a win win.


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