1. Ivo

    [E46] Set of rear wheels - Coventry/Midlands or nearby

    Hi all, Does anyone have a set of rear wheels that fit an e46 that I can borrow for maximum 2 weeks? I'm based in Coventry so somewhere nearby would be perfect. I can come to collect. One of my rear alloys had a catastrophic failure while I was driving home from Edinburgh on a Borders road...
  2. T

    Quote for chip correction and PPF - Midlands

    Hello everyone, I have just got my new M3, which has had a recent front end and rear bumper respray. I have only taken the car out a couple of times, but I can already see stone chips appearing. It's not bad yet, but I am very surprised how shortly the new paintjob looked new... Therefore, I'd...
  3. harraj128

    Midlands Whatsapp Group!

    Hey guys I thought it would be a good idea to create a WhatsApp group where people in the Midlands who own Ms can get together and organise meets, discuss their cars and just general chat! If you're interested you can join the group by posting a pic of your car and I will pm you the link.
  4. T

    Good Indy specialist nr. Coventry, Midlands

    Hi all, Service light has come on in my car (only just bought it lol) and it needs, I believe just a brake fluid change. That's al. It's been bang on a year since it last had a service. I know brake fluid change isn't that major a job, but feel like I want to get a stamp in the book and also...
  5. Jaaydee

    Leicester and surrounding areas mini meet

    Hi guys, Just gauging interest for a meet up for members from Leicester and the surrounding areas. If your from Leicester or close by and would to come and meet some fellow cutters post up here and we can sort something out Look forward to seeing some nice cars and finally meeting up...