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    M4 X vs 718 GTS

    £800 a month for the Cayman GTS, wow. I had a Porsche finance illustration for a new £100k GT4 with max deposit that was less than £300 per month.
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    Deposit down on 991.2 gt3

    Congrats - looks awesome. :thumbsup2:
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    Driving Gloves - James Bond or Alan Partridge?

    Should have bought some marigolds like a proper lad.
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    Check out my GT4!

    Very nice - I do like them in white. :thumbsup2: Where did you get your front sticky plate from - pro plates?
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    Purchasing a new House

    Google. (I'd really start here to be honest).
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    More pics

    Your reg concealment skills :lolwsign: Nice car :thumbsup2:
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    Turbo S lightweight

    That's just silly, lol. Bugatti Chiron does 0-60 in 2.4s. 918 Spyder does 0-60 in 2.2s (edit).
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    M4 CS

    I'd have thought the CSL will be more expensive when comparing base models, but the 4RS gets quite expensive with options such as weissach package / mag wheels, etc, etc.
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    M4 CS

    I reckon it'll be between this and the GT4 RS for 2022 ECOTY.
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    M4 CS

    M4 CSL Prototype - plenty of close up pics: No back seats, different buckets and a decent sized ducktail. The alloys are obviously just for testing - look like they're off a 520d.
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    New Car Allocations

    Hmmm - I haven’t placed a deposit on another car for a while. :think:
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    New Car Allocations

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    New Car Allocations

    Where’s my allocation? :(
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    New Car Allocations

    Nice - at first glance that’s looking decent (spec). I think you’ve done well to get a targa allocation as I don’t think Porsche typically build many targas (could be wrong?).