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    Arden BMW - useless!

    I dread any of my cars going in for a service, so many times have comeback with swirl marks, kerbed wheels etc. The Porsche dealer I use now takes a video of the car at drop off to ascertain any damage prior to you leaving the car.
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    "Downgrading" to an older, smaller, slower car

    Great choice, I have Gen 1 991 GTS, and chasing the naturally aspirated flat 6 engine to the red line is so addictive, and noise is so good. Yes in comparison to turbocharged cars, its torque light, but use all those revs, you are confident that none of the horses are being wasted in wheelspin...
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    G80 2020 m3 Competition to have 500hp

    As above just read this on pistonheads, possibly with 4wd and water injection, should be a serious weapon.
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    BMW to Porsche switch?

    How do you find the E63s, am I right in saying you've had the Brabus tune put on it circ 700bhp, is it worthwhile having that done, as I am thinking of getting an E63s as a daily and contemplating the Brabus upgrade.
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    M666 Black Wheels - how are yours finished

    I get worried every time my car goes in for a service, Mercedes have twice kerbed my car, I now insist on walking around the car before leaving it with them and then have to thoroughly check it over on pick up, this should not be the case that you cannot trust dealers.
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    What do we think of this monster ?

    Owned mine now for two years and use it daily and still look forward to my drive in it and that's saying something as I get bored quite quickly. Still puts a big smile on my face each morning when I start it up and how loud that Amg exhaust sounds .
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    Toying with the idea of buying one of these

    Definitely go for the S and make sure it has the Amg Performance Exhaust.
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    2018 M5 day testing

    I had one an extended test drive, I initially walked past it, as it did not stand out parked in the dealer car park amongst other cars, I found it stonkingly quick, sounded ok with the standard sports exhaust, handled very well on the bends and I quite liked the interior, could not fault car...
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    What the hell are we all going to do after the F8x generation...

    Rumour also has it the next generation C63s will lose it's v8 to make way for a V6 hybrid, a big part of the C63's appeal is that rumbling v8 sound :confused:.
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    M4 Competition v Merc C63s drag race

    If it was a longer race the result would've have been different, as he was reeling the m4 in.
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    Limited edition really makes that much diff to price?

    My local dealer was telling me their is a Brabus kit for the E63s as well, giving approx 700hp, at £6k quite pricey, but then I suppose you have peace of mind of having a MB warranty, which incidentally they'll reduce the term on as well I think to 2years.
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    Probably been done before but what is your car history leading to your current M car

    Golf mk 2 GTI 16v small bumper model Golf Mk 2 GTi 16v bigger bumper model Toyota MR2 GT T Bar VW Corrado G60 VW Corrado VR6 BMW E92 325i BMW M3 EVO E36 BMW 330ci E46 Porsche 996 C2 3.4 Porsche 996 C2 3.6 Merc CLK 320 Merc C55 amg Merc SLk 55 amg BMW m6 V10 BMW 335i BMW X5...