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    E9x Rear suspension uniball upgrade, A guide.

    Thanks spikenipple, ordered up a set for me and a buddy.
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    Underside restoration

    Rear subframe and diff casing.
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    Project thread #4 - E93 M3

    looks so good on the M359's the wheels they all should have come on!
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    Underside restoration

    Have a look at Restore44 on instagram Wilz has done a few BMW's and has his E36 M3 up for sale after a full underside resto
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    Markerstudy reputation?

    I'd always take reviews with a pinch of salt. Unless you get amazing service or dire its not like you will post anything to say they were ok. Perhaps look at the Financial ombudsman site as they sometimes post complaint league tables etc
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    Who does coding/software updates in south east?

    See that Zed Coding on instagram can do remote coding.
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    Probably the worst one I've bought

    Great transformation!
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    Project thread #4 - E93 M3

    Didnt realise that about the wiper arms. A brand new Akra will be awesome! Always wanted one for the weight saving and sound. Out of interest how much are Litchfield getting it in for? Have you seen their oil coolers?
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    Had these in my ebay watch list. Dream wheels! Just not sure if they would clear the amg calipers I have on the front of my E92
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    Probably the worst one I've bought

    Thats a result that it was just that
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    Probably the worst one I've bought

    Shame that after all that work its showing low oil pressure. Suppose do you spend £50 on an external gauge to check or just go straight in with the now oil pump. If it were me I'd go for the fresh oil pump.
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    Rob's **SLOW** E90 Clubsport/Ringtool build

    Love that last shot lifting the wheel!
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    The Answer to the E9x M3, the Universe and Everything

    Loved reading this! Hats off to you for putting it together
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    amg gtr

    love these! Great colour