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    Parts prices please - E36 M3

    Thanks Joe, it's [email protected] Has that part number been superseded at all? It's only the self locking nut on the top of the strut (M14 x 1.5). Thanks. Roy
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    Parts prices please - E36 M3

    Veh: 1998 E36 M3 Evolution Chassis: EA90935 Please can you price the following (a breakdown of prices would be very useful if possible as well please): 1 off 31122228461 front lower wishbone left 1 off 31122228462 front lower wishbone right 4 off 31111114348 washer 4 off 31111137888 hex nut 2...
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    Cutters LEGO enthusiasts.

    I built the Defender last year, never again. Stupid number of missing parts and Lego arbitrarily decide when they've sent you enough and then ban you! They don't even let you buy the parts they didn't put in the kit. They are one of the most obstructive lying bunch of arrogant tossers I've ever...
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    Show us your pooch!

    Shadow and Riley
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    The Hunt is Over.

    Praise the lord!! An 'M'!
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    Formula 1 2021 schedule and discussion

    Which is why RBR and Mercedes should jointly protest (see my post above).
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    Formula 1 2021 schedule and discussion

    For me the most sportsmanlike outcome (given the questions regarding the remit of the race director) would be for both Mercedes and RBR to jointly contest the decision of Masi, but for them both to agree that the outcome of the World Championship remains unaltered. That way we can get a...
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    [E46] Project thread #3

    I was right with you, up until the fuel receipts! :blink:
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    What have you done for your M3 today

    Blimey! Will wait with baited breath then Rich.
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    What have you done for your M3 today

    Really?? New thread ref replacement required, Golf?
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    Does anyone remember when.......

    Brilliant read! Surprised nobody's mentioned good ol' 405 line VHF tellies, if the neighbours were hoovering you couldn't watch it because of the interference. We were only the second in our street to have car (only because Dad was a car mechanic), a 1949 Austin 10. No central heating (shirts...
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    Stupid question

    Assuming they are the same es E36 ones, they fit on the front of the control arm (No. 5), not top or bottom.
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    Well of course if I were into conspiracy theories I might think it would be a brilliant idea to cause a fuel shortage (wasn't it BP who announced that it was prioritising deliveries due to 'driver shortages'?) in order to get rid of the old E5 stuff and give time to re-stock with E10, oh and at...
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    M3 GTs

    GT Individual is 3.0Lt in BRG.
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    Anyone thinkin ov selling E36 M3 coupe

    More photos, you're not getting away with it that easily!!!