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    E46 m3’s prices atm??

    I was on the Ford Escort mk1 forums as prices slowly crept from 1k to 5k, then to 10, then to 20, then to the moon. I was on the bmw E30 forums when they did the same. And the comments were always the same…I can’t believe the prices, will the prices rise, they can’t be selling at these...
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    Advice, what engine wise , needs doing on a 153k engine

    Mine reached 164k and then headgasket failure prompted a full rebuild. Everything fundamental in the engine (bores, bearings, Pistons etc) were all in excellent shape, but there was a lot of wear in timing chain, chain guides. My injectors were in really poor shape and i think had contributed...
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    E60 545i Project Headache

    Hi, do you mind me asking what the price is for the battery sensor? Having some strange issues with my E61 - i can leave it parked for 2 weeks and it starts fine (2 yr old AGM battery) but if i have the car doors open to valet it, battery voltage drops like a stone and i get the yellow battery...
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    [E46] Bmw m3 wavetrack diff

    Is this built up and assembled into a housing?
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    Cooling system refresh - non OEM pump

    As always you pay your money and take your choice - id just rebuilt my engine so after dropping a few £kkkk on it, £250 for a waterpump wasnt the end of the world for peace of mind. My old pump suffered bearing failure - the pulley was rocking up and down by about 20 degrees, it was so bad the...
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    Cooling system refresh - non OEM pump

    I looked all over for aftermarket pumps when I rebuilt my S54 and wasnt confident with any on offer. So i went to BMW and handed over the ridiculous £250 odd quid. I did read somewhere that the OEM pump is 'fail safe' in that if it dies, it wont drop your coolant. And this seems true as my old...
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    E46 M3 connecting rod bolts

    Difficult to answer as it depends how you fit the new shells. I.E the bolts will have been torqued once from factory, you will retorque them when swapping shells. If you measure clearances whilst swapping shells theyll be torqued a 3rd time and if your engine builder moves shells around for...
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    So how has it panned out so far then..

    Theres really a lot of variables in all of this, and thats why no one will ever get to a firm answer on whether it was a net positive/negative. Its the exact reason why i didnt vote and remain on the fence - it didn't really affect my world but it may have affected others, and the baseline is...
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    So how has it panned out so far then..

    Most commodities (ie traded materials) have shot through the roof in the last 18 months - Steel has doubled, Aluminium 30% ish up, Magnesium doubled, Silicone tripled. What started as constraints due to Covid shutdowns have been extended by China limiting supply - scaling back production inline...
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    So how has it panned out so far then..

    I feel like we are in a perfect storm right now, not just in terms of pandemic/brexit, but i think the way society functions has changed dramatically, and the speed of that change has been amplified by the media/social media and all the sensationalism that comes with it. Views are ever more...
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    Anyone up for a meet around Leicester?

    Anyone keen for a winter meet up next week? Or is everyones car in hibernation?
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    A dip into classics - this may go horribly wrong

    I do love these - we owned a late vogue SE as a tow car some years back, crazy to think we sold it for £1200 (MOT'd and generally tidy, v.reliable) probably about 10 years ago. I looked earlier this year for a replacement and a reasonable project was now silly money, and you can sink cash into...
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    Interior Parts - E46 M3 Ashtray / Cupholders

    Hi, trying to tidy up the interior of my car, I have the weird roll cover centre section and want to swap to cup holders so i think it need all of these: 51168217953 Cup Holder 51168217957 Cubby 51168242861 Spring To replace the ashtray cover (mines scracthed) do i have to buy this whole...
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    Any fellow M owners ridden there bikes to the Ring?

    I'd only had the bike for a few months, the previous owner fitted a lithium battery, and it was the battery which went up. Luckily someone stopped to help me, with tools in his car, so i was able to get the fairing off and limit the damage. Worst part was it happened Sunday morning, i think...
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    Any fellow M owners ridden there bikes to the Ring?

    The photos from the B500 part were all on my SLR, so id need to dig them out, but i have these on the phone! After the fire....