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    [E46] Nemesis' E46 M3 big build & trackday exploits

    Been wanting a set of these for a while, have you had any chance to offer them up and see what the fitment is like? Be interested to know how much work is required for a good fit.
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    Yep it's Purple but I love it.

    Absolutely stunning colour that. I just feel it needs silver wheels, they just look too lost being black!
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    Rain sensor has never worked.

    Mine hasn't worked since I've owned the car, and annoyingly it removed the intermittent wiper setting (one click up), so my only wiper options were either off, or constant, which was less than ideal in light drizzle. I never went down the route of removing the rear view mirror to repair, and...
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    These competition sites...

    The problem is, these businesses sit within a grey area and don't fall under the gambling laws. Due to their nature of requiring an entrant to correctly answer a question to purchase valid tickets, the chance of winning isn't 100% luck as it requires a small element of skill. It doesn't matter...
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    [E46] E46 Intermittent Wiper Setting Fault

    Yes mate, done a little more reading and now found an old thread on the forum which discussed it, turns out it's the auto wiper setting (using a rain sensor), and not the timed intermittent setting. From reading, my understanding is the sensor has failed and can be repaired/fixed with or when a...
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    [E46] E46 Intermittent Wiper Setting Fault

    Afternoon Cutters, is anyone able to give me any advise into where I should look to diagnose and rectify my intermittent wiper fault? When I push the stalk to the intermittent setting, the wipers will operate once and no more. I'm assuming this is a rain sensor fault, but if anyone can confirm...
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    Jet Black 2002 Clubsport/Tracktool build (Inc RACP replace/Brace)

    Absolute monster of a build this from start to finish! Love seeing the updates!
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    Best "Blue" for my E46

    Curveball, San Marino Blue is also a lovely colour.
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    12 mm Spacer Fitting

    I also have 12mm and 15mm hubcentric spacers, you should have no issues fitting. As said, get them from CMWheels and you'll get the right bolts too. Just needs a little wire brush & scotchpad to remove the surface corrosion and a little smear of grease on the contact points to just aid fitting...
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    SME RACP Brace Group Buy

    Combo kit arrived today! Blown away with the quality and finish of this kit, and I can't get over how lightweight it is! Thought part of the kit was missing when I got the box! Thanks again for the group buy!
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    SME RACP Brace Group Buy

    Combo kit ordered, many thanks for arranging the group buy!
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    SME RACP Brace Group Buy

    Brilliant, thanks for confirming! Stick me down! 1Lee Holtom(Monkey Boy) - Bolt in Brace 2) JaredMV - Weld in brace 3) ash109 - bolt in brace (85%) 4) AureE46 - Weld in brace ( or Combo if we have 20%...) 5)Otp - Weld in brace (or Combo) 6) Murraynt - Weld in Brace 7) m3tfw - Combo 8) 9) 10)...
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    SME RACP Brace Group Buy

    Hi all, this is something I'm rather keen getting, but before I fully commit I just have a question if anyone could answer for me. My M3 currently has no reinforcement or repair work carried out on the RACP, it's a job I'm looking to get done over this winter. If I were to purchase the combo...