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    Black Friday Deals....whats on and where?!

    The discounts don't seem to be working. For example the E92 paddle shifters are still full price.
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    2013 E92 M3 Mineral White Competition (£23500) (£2200)

    Yes I think it's probably the whole track car look that will be putting most people off. Cheap car in todays market though.
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    F10 M5 - LCI - CARBON - BMW WARRANTY (£23500)

    If I hadn't just bought an E92 for not much less....
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    Any cars for sale?
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    E92 M3 rear boot spoiler

    Hi there Can you give me a price please on the E92 M3 genuine rear carbon spoiler delivered to BT34 1EL.
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    E92 hunt

    I've been looking at the Bavarian one myself. They sent me a video walk round of it and it does look like its in pretty good shape, though they have refurbished the alloys by spraying them silver instead of the correct finish which looks a bit naff. Lack of EDC and base stereo was also a bit off...
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    Want to buy: F80 M3 Individual!!

    Yeah its definitely very strong money. Probably a dealer chancing his arm due to the lack of cars at the moment, but looks like it isn't working out for him. I'm currently looking for a M3 myself and there isn't a massive amount of choice around. Luckily I'm in no rush and I will happily wait...
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    Want to buy: F80 M3 Individual!!

    There's a Ferrari red one on Auto trader now that seems to tick pretty much all your boxes, although it's a little over budget at £41,990. Sorry can't figure out how to link it from the Auto trader app.
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    Want to buy: F80 M3 Individual!!

    If I was only planning on doing 3-4 thousand per year the car having 55000 wouldn't bother me at all. It seems in all other aspects this one is perfect for you.
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    Want to buy: F80 M3 Individual!!

    I guess it depends on how many miles you plan to do each year, but yeah I get where you're coming from. on the other hand if it had 20,000 miles it would be 4 to 5 grand more expensive.
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    Want to buy: F80 M3 Individual!!

    Also this one on Autotrader.
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    Want to buy: F80 M3 Individual!!

    There's a facelift Daytona Violet CP saloon on the Used Approved site. Mileage might be a bit high at 55,00, but it looks like a pretty high spec car.
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    Price please

    Could I get a price please for drivers side headlight for car reg. YC63 GJK.
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    Price please

    Hi there Can you give me a price for a set of front wiper blades for reg no. YC63 GJK delivered to BT34 1EL.