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  • Hi mate, I'm just in my renewal phase of insurance and wanted to enquire what you could do for me please
    Would you be able to give me an insurance quote for an R8 V10 Plus
    Do you have a template or form that lists the information you need to provide a quote,
    and who is the insurance company that the insurance is provided through
    Best regards
    Hi Dan. I'm struggling to get a response from A/F . Logged in to change vehicle (J89CYL) to my M3 on Thursday, had no response so far. Can you help?
    Hi Dan I just tried to get a quote from you and mentioned the forum but unsure if they applied the discount also the quote comes out at about £150 more than I have been quoted. Can you help?
    Hi Dan,
    Just seen your mention in the bikers section. I collect my BMW HP4 Carbon this weekend, the best i've got for insurnace so far is £850.
    Please can you run some details through and get me a price?
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