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    Manual Gear linkage Refresh DIY

    Refreshing the bushes will help a bit with slop and directness of the gear throw, but it will Mitch change that notchy feeling. That’s down to the spring loaded detents inside the getrag gearbox. When I did my manual conversion I fitted brand new OEM bushes in all parts of the gear linkage...
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    18" alloy options

    Another option is something like this. They are XXR-527 wheels. 18x8.75 square setup. Can’t remember if ET20 or ET35. 20mm spacers on rear (so probably ET35). Super light and great caliper clearance. In fact one of only few 18s that will clear the 380mm M4 brembos
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    Vince Brace Requirement Or Not

    But don't take my word for it ;) By the way the car in the video is not mine, they just have the same experiece. Anyway ,didnt wish to hijack the thread, just straighten out some internet misinformation. Back to Vincent bars
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    Vince Brace Requirement Or Not

    Unfortunately the internet is littered with incorrect information and hearsay which doest allow for new members to distinguish opinions from facts. The "Everything M3's" video of supposed structural foam is very misleading as its not of the structural foam at all. Its a slight tongue-in-cheek...
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    Car swerves right under acceleration, and back left on coast... ?

    I used to experience exactly the same symptoms and all was fixed when I replaced my RTAB’s
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    F8x M Compound Brakes on E46 M3

    I can confirm that the XXR 527 18”s also clear the callipers. Only just tho, must be about 2mm clearance to barrel I know that not many people run them as they tend to be on jap cars but they are quite cheap track wheels
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    SMG to manual conversion

    It’s really not that complicated at all. Myself, mitesh33 and few others have done it on the driveway without a lift. Procedure is roughly as follows: Remove SMG pump from engine bay Remove exhaust, propshaft and gearbox mounts Remove apx 10 external torx bolts to remove gearbox Take bell...
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    Timing tool?

    No wasn’t from that seller as I bought it about 6 years ago non, but the construction is identical. 4 bits of laser cut sheet metal, welded together, with two pins that drop through the top. Mine looks identical
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    Timing tool?

    I’ve used one of these tools on 3 separate occasions and timing has always been spot on
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    Best place to buy new break disks at the moment? Any deals on?

    And just to put this myth to bed, there is zero performance / wear rate difference between them anyway, it’s just a just surface finish. The “mismatched” discs have now been used for 5 years, covered 30,000miles including 5 trackdays and Ring trips. Here is what they look like now: The...
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    Best place to buy new break disks at the moment? Any deals on?

    Here you go. Both came from ECP. Just slightly different production batches by ATE. Nothing to do with genuine BMW vs OEM Another internet myth quashed
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    Best place to buy new break disks at the moment? Any deals on?

    They are simply from different batches. I can confirm this and will dig out the photos. Few years ago I got two front discs from ECP, and one of them was with a milled finish, and the other one was with a light primer coating on it. BOTH were from ECP. So it’s not a bmw thing, it’s just an ATE thing
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    E46 Rear Seat Delete

    Hiya mate, I’ve done this a few weeks ago, looked for dims but couldn’t find anything online. Was a case of trial and error, with about 15 trips to the workshop and then back to the car. It’s all done on a quick release so if I get a chance today I’ll try take some pics with dimensions. I’ve got...
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    Im after a good all round all weather car cover.

    See here. But to sum up, classic aditions as stated above:
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    SMG guru`s

    Error 56 is hydraulic pump switch on time exceeded. typically it means it takes the car too long to build up the pressure inside the accumulator. And this is normally caused by an excessively worn carbon brushes and commutator inside the DC motor that’s mounted to the SMG unit. As someone else...