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    2 Yr Brake Fluid Service

    The service advisor checked on screen and advised accordingly.
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    2 Yr Brake Fluid Service

    I had mine done on Monday, and it was part of the service pack.
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    vs E63 S

    I’ve had an E63S for two weeks, which for me was 13 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes too long. I was really looking forward too! You really do need to drive one to see if it agrees with you.
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    Age & Miles

    In 24 months I’ve managed 28000 miles and it still puts a smile on my face…
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    Pirelli F90 M5

    No, I couldn’t be bothered with eBay, they’re in one of my units.
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    Pirelli F90 M5

    That’s just what I did, new for new, and my Michelin Alpin winter tyres will be on soon enough.
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    Pirelli F90 M5

    Too right. They’re night and day difference.
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    M5 LCI bought!

    I went for the 15 and 12 set up from Chris at CM Wheels.
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    CM Wheels New Bimecc Hub Centric Wheel Spacer kits! *Complete with Bolts And Lockers*

    Could you give me a quote for the following please: 2 x 12mm black spacers 2 x 15mm black spacers 16 x extended black Bolts 1 x black lock set They are for a F90 M5
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    2022 MY Updates

    I was in exactly the same position, and couldn’t make my mind up between Marina Bay and Brands Hatch - so went with Sapphire black again. Mind you I’ve time to change before the November delivery.
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    Anyone had any snow? Post your Snow Pics below

    Combined with winter tyres, Michelin Alpin, no problems at all.
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    Winter Tyres

    As mentioned by Stu, the speed ratings are the same for both size of tyres. The differences being the tread pattern - that I’ve no issues with - and the load ratings of 102 and 104. No issues there and mine are also back on.
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    Mileage just a number?!

    I use my car to get me from A to B, and you know what, 16,000 miles later I can honestly say I’m still enjoying the vehicle I chose. Enjoy your cars and enjoy as many miles as you can in them, life’s too short.
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    R I p willie thorne

    Congratulations! Daughters, now they are expensive. I always say that the more ‘a’ in Dad, the more it’s going to cost me. Daaaaaaaaad, costs quite a bit more than a Dad.