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    2002 E46 M3 Manual Coupe £9250

    Looks good condition!
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    Imola Red Coupe 2003/52 £9500

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    Imola Red Coupe 2003/52 £9500

    Bump! Will listen to offers to move the car on
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    Imola Red Coupe 2003/52 £9500

    Replied with interior photos
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    Imola Red Coupe 2003/52 £9500

    Have edited advert it is an SMG Gearbox
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    Imola Red Coupe 2003/52 £9500

    Good afternoon, Due to a change in my financial status I have decided to find a cheaper vehicle to take to the Nurburgring in October. (Too many crash videos on YouTube) I have loved and cherished this car in my ownership and in my eyes bought it forward leaps and bounds with hours of polishing...
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    Dino's LeMans Blue 135i Coupe

    Great thread!!
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    Ripped off by so called 'specialist' in the North West....

    Need to be careful of specialists!
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    anyone ever owned a mk2 rs focus?

    My favourite M just too expensive still lol
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    Small dilemma...trying to help out a Friend

    I've bought s clocked car before horrid feeling
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    Suzuki GSX-R750

    Looks beautiful
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    Newbie to proper polishing / waxing

    Seen the G5 before might give it a go now
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    Boot carpet

    Might try that with mine haha
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    Storing an M3 advice required

    I would run it out once a month personally