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    Anyone else getting priced out of car market?

    Going to try one on sunday,but i,m thinking i,ll be underwhelmed:blink:,hopefully i,ll be pleasantly surprised. Wife has a Cooper and to be fair i really like it,pretty pokey and ideal for what i need,i,m just assuming the S will be that little bit more exciting for when i,m in the mood for a...
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    Junction madness!

    I must admit there are as many bad wagon drivers as car drivers to be fair,i see them pull into the services for their break and they cant even get into a parking space and i,m thinking how the fook did you even manage to drive to hereo_O Steve
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    Anyone else getting priced out of car market?

    I,m seriously considering a 2017/18 Cooper S,would appreciate your honest opinion:thumbsup: I,ve been juggling finances recently,long story short,2 E46 M3,s,went to mint M135i sold to pay mortgage(sensible head)bought 07 Cooper S,scared to death its gonna explode,so looking at an F56 Cooper S...
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    Junction madness!

    Stu you really dont like truck drivers do you:D We are by a golden mile the best drivers out there especially us tipper drivers,i can only assume you either had a bad experience or your one(in 60 million) of those entitled drivers in cars who think the road belongs to them;) I,m honestly...
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    BMW 430d xdrive (£14899)

    Same here please:thumbsup:
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    Fixed vs Flexible energy tariff opinions?

    For once i can feel smug:),i left Octopus last July as it was going up £35 pm,i moved to British Gas Evolve(Now just British Gas?) Elec 17.383 kwh/23.667 per day Gas 3.444/14.666 per day Fixed till July 2023 @£109 a month,heating and lights on constantly,luckily in a bungalow Steve
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    Anyone else getting priced out of car market?

    Beautiful car as well:thumbsup: The problem is i think that a lot of folk (me) are using WBAC as a good guide price,so as you say its now £30.5k but you want £34k? Totally not having a dig:peace:as Mercedes would probably want £37k for your car,but its so hard to judge whats a fair price these...
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    Electric Charging Points

    Listening to radio 4 today or yesterday and the new EV Grant is now down to £1500 on cars below £34k i think it was,also the help with buying a wall charger for your home finishes pretty much now,you will have to pay the full whack unless its installed by March and theres over a 12 week waiting...
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    Who's getting the vaccine then?

    A lot of dates to interpret there. Only date that matters to me is Feb 2022,had all necessary jabs just so i can go on holiday,the end. Steve
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    So how has it panned out so far then..

    I,ve thought really long and hard about this subject and listened to everyones opinions on both sides and watched all the videos of remainers and Brexiteers and i,ve come to the conclusion that its made absolutely no difference to me whatsoever and whats in my butty box for wednesday is of far...
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    Anyone else getting priced out of car market?

    I,ve always owned(via a bank loan etc) my cars so never done PCP. I recently sold my car (M135i 2015)as i,d owned it 2 years and was offered the same as i paid from WBAC and i,d paid off the loan so i decided for once in my life to be sensible,sold it and paid my mortgage off age 52,happy days:)...
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    Covid viewing

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    2017 67 C43 AMG 4-Matic All Wheel Drive PREMIUM PLUS G-Tronic SOLD

    Daft question,does it have satnav? I,m currently looking for a car and my best option so far is a new Mini Cooper Sport that comes in at nearly this price and this is soooo much more car. Well aware that Cat cars are worth less but i,m not looking to future profit,i just want a car that i...
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    Custom made M-texture key rings (second batch list)

    I,ll have one as well thanks Steve
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    Yorkshire ccc and Azeem Rafiqe

    you forgot about the folk dying their hair ginger for a laugh,i,m still offended:(,or do i not count?? Steve